100% Financing Options

The Process:

  1. Select a Property
  2. Determine the Best Financing Option For You
  3. Select a 100% Financing Option
  4. Submit an Offer

1. Select a Property

We have several properties to choose from spanning across the United States. The majority of our properties are located in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Check out all of our options here.

Having a property in mind will help ensure that you have a budget in mind. It will help you know how much you need to purchase your property, or how much down payment funding you need.

2. Determine the Best Financing Option For You

Based on your current financial situation, this will determine the best path for you here. For most of our customers, we recommend the following options:

  1. Custom Funding Options from Nerdwallet 

Nerdwallet has compiled a fantastic list of funding options, and has made it simple and painless to apply for all of them simultaneously, without affecting your credit, and to give you your best possible rate. Select “other” for your use of funds, and the estimated amount you need to purchase your property for your loan amount.

Step through these questions to connect you with the best 100% financing options you are likely to find:

Find My Custom Funding Options Here.

Why we recommend Nerdwallet:

  • Doesn’t affect your credit score!
  • This link will give you a custom quote and preapproval based on your credit worthiness
  • Connects you to dozens of different funding options, best suited for your current situation to provide you the most funding at the cheapest rate.
A list of good lenders to choose from or compare can be found here

  1. Use an Existing Line of Credit
  • Using a line of credit that you already have is typically the easiest, most convenient, and sometimes the most affordable way to get funding. 
  • Based on your available limits and interest rates, this could be your best option.
  • Normally as simple as transferring funds into your checking account.
  • Interest rates are normally lower than most credit cards
  1. Get a Cash Advance
  • The majority of credit cards come with the ability to use a “cash advance”. If you have a credit card with a sufficient limit, and an affordable rate, this could be a good option. This is simply a transfer from your credit card. 
  • Typical options are either a direct deposit or transfer into your checking account, or a withdrawal from an ATM. 
  • This method is one of the fastest methods and also doesn’t require an approval.
  • However, there is typically a fee that will be charged, or an increased interest rate, so use with caution and know what the terms of your cash advance are before you use it.
  • If you have questions about the terms, availability, or methods of this option, contact your credit card company for more details.
  1. Personal Loan from Friends or Family
  • Depending on who you know and their circumstances, they may be willing to give you a personal loan.
  • If your friends or family have money that is just sitting in a savings account, their money may be much better used providing you a loan. Most savings accounts are less than 1% interest rates!
  • Negotiating with them to give you a loan with fair monthly payments and interest rates can be a win-win for both of you. A 6% interest rate is much better than the 0.25% interest rate they likely have with their bank!

3. Select a 100% Financing Option

The best 100% financing option will largely depend on how much funding you are able to obtain. If you are able to obtain funding for the entire purchase amount, then use option 1, if you are only able to obtain funding for a down payment (between 10%-20% of the purchase price) then use option 2.

Option 1: 100% Financing AND a cash discount

This 100% financing option is the best option that we recommend to our customers. This is because it can allow up to 100% financing, and we can offer you our cash discount, which is typically a 20% discount off our advertised price!

If you were able to obtain funding for the full cash price amount, based on the property you are interested in, then pick this option. 

Option 2: 100% Owner Financing

This is the other 100% financing option. This option is used when you are only able to obtain funding equal to 10%-20% of the purchase price. This funding is combined with our owner financing option. The downpayment comes from the funding you qualified for and the remaining amount from the purchase price is financed through our owner financing. 

4. Submit an Offer

Contact us to submit your offer on the property. Each property has a dedicated property manager that will help you submit your custom offer and get one set closer to owning the land of your dreams! We will get back to you with all the info we need to move onto the next step. Make sure to let us know what funding options you are wanting to use so we can make sure to get you started off on the right foot!

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